UK Pharmaceutical & Labs Sector Outlook 2021/22

Now that autumn is here, we decided it’s time to take a look back at the trends in the UK pharma and labs sector, and highlight the latest developments. 

 UK pharma and labs sector: our database contains over 400 projects

Pharma & labs industry: Larger capex investments emerging in quite significant numbers in the

Despite the rapidly changing landscape and outlook, capex activity remains strong. This has primarily been driven in 2020/2021 by drug development and discovery in the COVID era.

The booming R&D activity and the ever-growing viral vector segment are fueling many of the investments and our database currently contains:

  • 430 projects with a combined value of £12.6 billion
  • 52% of projects report on new production facilities
  • 29% are about production capacity expansion plans

Here are some of the main players:

 UK pharma and labs sector, our full report

UK Pharmaceutical industry – the full report

Our research team has compiled the full UK pharma and labs sector outlook packed with insights on the trends and projects to look out for. Access to this report and all the projects it refers to is reserved to our pharma & labs subscribers.

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