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Market Challenges in the Netherlands and Belgium – 2024

The pharmaceutical, food, and drink processing sectors in the Netherlands and Belgium are confronting a host of market challenges, impacting investment decisions and project execution. Therefore, for equipment suppliers of capital machinery, understanding these challenges and adapting strategies accordingly is paramount. Here’s an overview of some of the main challenges that are affecting the type Continue reading

This entry was posted in Analysis on February 22, 2024

Process Industry Sector Outlooks 2024-25

In this article we look ahead to the programme of process industry capex sector outlooks for 2024-25. These will be released across 2024, giving you the insight into the emerging trends and challenges to watch out for. In 2023 the picture for capex across our main sectors (pharmaceutical, food, drink, chemical, energy & gas) was Continue reading

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Exploring Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Capital Equipment Suppliers

Introduction In the competitive landscape of capital equipment and machinery supply, securing high-quality leads is vital for business growth. In this blog post we will compare various lead generation strategies and highlight the benefits of leveraging a service that provides accurate, timely, and detailed project sales leads for suppliers in the main process manufacturing sectors, Continue reading

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Unlocking Growth: The Benefits of Project Sales Leads for Capital Equipment Suppliers in Germany’s Process Manufacturing Sectors

For suppliers of capital equipment and machinery interested in Germany’s process manufacturing sectors (pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech, laboratories, food and drink), one key to success lies in project sales leads. These targeted opportunities not only streamline the sales process but also offer a host of strategic benefits for suppliers. In this blog post, we’ll explore Continue reading

This entry was posted in News on December 12, 2023

Crucial Role of Advanced Project Insight in Process Manufacturing

In light of an exciting new development at Protel, we explain this in this post why advanced project insight and knowledge of upcoming capex project opportunities is so vital, with a particular focus on the German process manufacturing sectors. If you feel like you would benefit or are interested in our intelligence, please contact us Continue reading

This entry was posted in News on November 27, 2023

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory sectors Outlook UK 2023

The outlook for the UK pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech and laboratory sectors (referred to in this article as pharmaceutical and laboratories) is rapidly changing, with many challenging factors persisting and evolving. There is a feeling of a post-COVID adjustment in the industry following the UK focus on vaccine development and production scale-up of the last Continue reading

This entry was posted in News on September 01, 2023

European Food and Drink Outlook 2023

In this article we explore the 2023 outlook for the food and drink sectors in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As a machinery supplier catering to the food and drink sectors, understanding the upcoming trends and opportunities is essential. We will aim to dive into the outlook for the year ahead, providing insights for those Continue reading

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Food and Drink Outlook UK 2023

Food and Drink Outlook: Trends and Opportunities for Machinery Suppliers The UK food and drink outlook is undergoing significant changes in 2023, which are reshaping capital expenditure (capex) programmes. While some project implementations have been delayed due to persistent challenges, overall investment in food and drink production remains robust. For suppliers of machinery and services, Continue reading

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