UK Food and Drink Outlook 2021/22

The impact of the pandemic has created change throughout the UK food and drink sector. Our colleagues on the Protel research team have done a fabulous job at navigating this ever-changing environment to keep our subscribers abreast of it all. At the moment, our database for process equipment suppliers counts:

How is the UK food and drink sector faring in these unprecedented times?

A good mix of projects across the UK 

Ingredients and meat play huge parts in food production, but pet food activity is rapidly growing whilst the booming distillery segment has fueled many of the investments in the drink sector:

  • 400 projects with a combined value of €5.47 billion
  • 43% of projects report on new production facilities
  • 29% of projects are about production capacity expansion plans

Here are some of the main players:

UK food and drink – the full report

Our research team has compiled the full UK food & drink sector outlook packed with insights on the trends and projects to look out for. Access to this report and all the projects it refers to is reserved to our food & drink subscribers.

To discuss our subscription options, book a call with one of our team.

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