UK Energy & Gas sector outlook 22/23

Protel tracks capex project activity across the main process sectors to help suppliers win new business. In this article we aim to present a quick and easy to digest run-down of the main trends and developments in the UK energy & gas industry.

We cover process intensive energy sector capex projects with a gross output of greater than 5MW, as well as onshore gas projects. See the full list of projects we report on.

UK Energy and gas – our project coverage

Currently, our project database contains over 250 project leads with a combined value of £29 billion.

Protel Projects | We report on projects in the UK energy and gas sectors.

Out of the £29 billion worth of projects, over £20 billion is yet to be implemented. This offers a truly exciting potential to equipment and service suppliers. 

From waste-to-fuel plants, to carbon capture and hydrogen production facilities, there is a wide range of projects available. Some of the key equipments regularly required include: Automation, emission control, solid handling, electrical power systems, gas compression, effluent treatment and steelwork.

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Below is a graph from our Protel Analytics platform showing the value of UK energy and gas projects scheduled to be approved over the next few months.

Protel Projects | We offer leads on projects in the UK energy and gas sector

Trends in the UK energy and gas sector

Our research team has noted that a lot of capex investment seem to focus on:

  • Digital technologies
  • Productivity increases
  • Workforce up-skilling
  • Plant and machinery maximisation

Covid had a major impact on project delivery and the threats of inflation affecting raw materials and construction for producers is an additional issue.

UK energy and gas – top sectors

Some of the main players reported on in our project bulletins include Velocys, Drax, Cory, Orthios, Sabic, Essar etc. Interested in a particular company? Request a free project sample here.

We have identified key investment areas throughout our project coverage which we have listed below:

  • Biomass
  • Energy from Waste
  • Gasification
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Hydrogen production
  • Energy recovery centres


Despite widespread challenges the sector remains buoyant. There are clusters of huge potential in the UK, with major projects both under implementation and coming up for sanction and kick-off. There are plenty of opportunities in the UK energy and gas sectors. Why not take a look at our complete project coverage during a demo with our team? Book a meeting with us.

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