Now Available – Food & Drink Sectors – France, Belgium, Netherlands

Our new food & drink coverage is available to subscribers now – contact us for more information.

Food and beverage is Europe’s leading manufacturing sector. It has a turnover of over €1,090bn and 4.2 million people employed in the industry. Building on the longstanding success of our project data in the food and drink industry in the UK, we are widening our coverage to include France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

We already report on projects in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and laboratories manufacturing sectors in these countries. Subsequently, we are excited to add food and drink to our capex project data base MyProtel.

Our newly reported food and drink projects in France and Benelux already have a combined potential capex value of over €1.6bn. Our team of researchers are constantly on the hunt for information, adding new capex project schemes weekly and updates on a continual basis. You can expect to see data from the likes of LSDH, Cargill and Barry Callebaut among many other food and beverage companies.

If you are an equipment supplier looking to move into new European markets, or if you are already active in France and Benelux but want to access project information before your competitors, our new coverage will be perfect for you.

Belgian beers and food

The food and drink industry is Belgium’s largest industrial sector.

What to Expect

If you sign up to our MyProtel service, you will receive:

  • Highly sensitive project data, before it is in the public domain.
  • Regular updates with new and existing project information.
  • Key decision maker contact details
  • A clear timeline of project events from initial feasibility study through to completion.
  • Direct contact links to our team of specialist researchers.
  • Access to previous project and analytics data to help your sales planning activity.

Our capex project data provides you with all the necessary information to pitch your products to end users before your competitors. Read on to see what you can expect from a typical project bulletin.

Company Details

Each bulletin starts with basic client information such as address, telephone number and website. We also provide you with some background on the company covering their main products and the sectors they are active in.

New Project Information

We give you details of the project site as well as a description of the works happening. We also tell you what type of project is being planned, be it a new build, site upgrades or additions to existing machinery. You can expect a wide mixture of project types with our new food and drink coverage in France and Benelux.

Due to the secretive nature of the industry, our project data is often highly sensitive. Each bulletin comes with a sensitivity level. We have three different levels of sensitivity to help you time and structure your sales pitch. For more information on our sensitivity levels and how to use them, see our recent article Project Sensitivity; What, Why and How to Deal With it.

Coffee with Dutch waffles on top

There is over 5000 food processing companies in Holland.

Project Status and Value

We let you know what stage the project is at. Often we provide data at a pre-sanctioned level. This information is updated as the project progresses. We let you know when the works have been sanctioned, or if the project has been put on hold, cancelled or completed. Additionally, we give you the project value. This will always be above €1million of capex, although many of the projects in our new coverage have higher levels of investment of around the €50 million mark.

Key Contact Details

One of MyProtel’s biggest benefits is access to contact details of key decision makers involved in the project. These can be people such as the project manager, head of procurement or the main engineering contact. We will always give you that key name and their role on the project. Where possible we also provide a telephone number and email address. As the project moves on, we update the contact details to make sure you are always speaking to the right person. Find out how to use our contact information to boost your sales in our article on the benefits of lead generation.

Project Timeline and Key Needs

We provide a projected timeline for the project, covering the major project milestones. As we receive new information the timeline is updated. This keeps you up to date and helps you plan your approach depending on the stage of the project. Furthermore, our bulletins give you a list of key needs that will be required on the project. These include things such as packaging, processing and civils. We also offer key description words, product and matter types to help you hone in on the projects perfect for your company.

French wine, cheese and grapes

20% of the total manufacturing market in France is food and drink.

If you are an equipment supplier in the food and beverage industry and are looking to expand operations into France and Benelux, our new project data will be the perfect tool to boost your sales efforts.

Like what you’ve read? Contact us now to find out how our new and existing project data can help your company.

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