Protel Process Industry Outlooks 2020

Protel tracks capex project activity across the main process sectors to help suppliers win new business. In this article we aim to present a foreword to introduce our new series of industry outlook articles aiming to give a run-down of the main trends and developments in a highlighted sector of the process manufacturing industries in one of our covered regions. For more information on the areas we cover, visit

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Large volume of projects paused for decision as UK uncertainty persists

After the summer period has concluded and we look to the autumn, we restart our programme of industry outlook articles. By writing about one or more of the main process sectors in one of our covered regions we aim to bring you insight directly from our team of industry expert researchers.

We generally see planned capex activity at an early stage begin to increase after the summer, with a spike in implementation following on afterwards toward Christmas. For the UK, the picture is slightly different this year and we thought it’d be useful to set the scene and explain our thinking in advance of starting our (slightly delayed) 2020 programme of articles.

In general, there are a large volume of projects that are sat at a pre-sanction phase of development all awaiting sanction. The reason for this ‘bottleneck’ is mainly due to organisations sitting on their hands and awaiting greater political & economic clarity to emerge before they commit to spending efforts.

We intend to slightly delay our articles until after the 31st of October 2019, as this is when we may receive more clarity on Brexit. Our articles are generally a ‘zoomed out’ view of the year to come, and with the current environment delivering rapidly changing events, we would therefore aim not to publish articles with too short a shelf life.

Our Coverage

While we are seeing some delay to decisions on larger capex schemes, smaller projects tend to emerge and progress rapidly to sanction and implementation.

There is a large level of capex being tracked on our project search engine, MyProtel. A great deal of opportunity exists for suppliers, but there is a reduced amount of time in which to make an initial sales approach. As such, monitoring project updates is vital at this time, as projects can quickly progress to procurement and beyond.

Subscribers can do this using a range of tools on MyProtel, including the ability to track individual projects. Protel Analytics can also be a fabulous platform to follow investment trends per sector in the UK and Ireland. Create your complimentary account here.

See our global coverage snapshot below (for full details of the sectors and regions we cover, click here). This breaks down the number of active project opportunities by sector and gives a combined potential investment value:

UK process industry sectors outlooks

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