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Capital Expenditure Project Industry Sector Data & Statistics

Please note – Our Capex Analytics system is currently undergoing a programme of upgrades and is not accepting new sign ups. 

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Our powerful capex project analytics portal packages Protel engineering project bulletin data into an easy-to-use statistical system. Get the data you need to make better business decisions. Protel Analytics gives you the insight to turn investment statistics into actions.

Capex Protel Analytics and investment trends across the main processing sectors

Capital Expenditure Project Market Trends

  • Looking to develop products & focus R&D? Identify growing sectors to tailor future product offerings
  • Looking to allocate sales resource? Spot investment trends by region and sector to get ahead of the competition.
  • Board meeting coming up? Use our statistical information to inform your business development strategy and add weight to your conclusions.
  • Want to analyse the market? Easily track trends in average project size by region and sector.

Get access to the toolkit that no process industry professional should be without.

As the modern sales environment becomes more competitive it is vital for suppliers of capital equipment and services to be ahead of the competition.

The live project statistical data available covers our main industries.

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